Thermal Labels

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Thermal Labels

Label Expert carries direct thermal and thermal transfer labels in various sizes and shapes for desktop and industrial thermal label printers.

Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer Technology

It's important to order the right type of thermal labels for the printer you're using and the application you need. Direct thermal technology is popular for short-term labeling needs, such as shipping labels. The labels have a special coating that darkens when exposed to heat from the printhead and fades quickly over time. Thermal transfer technology is best for long-term labeling since it uses a wax or resin ribbon to transfer a durable image on the label.

Some thermal printers support both direct thermal (no ribbon) and thermal transfer print modes. If this is the case, the label application should determine which technology you use. For example, if you're printing labels for outdoor use, opt for thermal transfer technology and a high-quality ribbon and label material. On the other hand, if you simply need to print shipping labels, direct thermal technology would be the better choice.

Direct Thermal Labels

Direct thermal labels are most frequently used for short-term labeling applications, such as shipping labels and ticketing applications. Dry cleaners, food service and hospitality businesses, and even healthcare facilities use direct thermal labels for quick and easy labeling. Because there's no ribbon involved, direct thermal printingis much faster and simpler than thermal transfer technology. Direct thermal labels are convenient since they don't require a ribbon to print.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal transfer labels are used for various long-term applications, such as barcoding, product labeling, and chemical labeling. Since they utilize a thermal ribbon to print an image on the label, the result is a more durable label that can withstand exposure to light and heat, and, depending on the ribbon type and label material, even chemicals.

Flood-coated Labels

Rather than plain white thermal labels, flood-coated labels are completely coated with a layer of heat-resistant ink, allowing for bright, vivid colors. Thus, if you need to print warning labels, color-coded inventory labels, or any other type of label that requires bright colors, flood-coated thermal labels are a great choice.

We offer a wide variety of standard sizes and shapes for both direct thermal and thermal transfer labels, including square, rectangular, oval, and circular labels. We also offer custom shapes and sizes upon request. Choose paper or polypropylene thermal label rolls on a 1-inch core (desktop printers), 3-inch core (industrial printers), or fanfolded sheets.

Label Expert Quality and Service

At Label Expert, we believe in providing our customers with quality products at competitive prices. No matter what type of thermal label you need, we have you covered with our range of direct thermal and thermal transfer labels. You can rest assured that all our labels are pre-tested for optimal compatibility with your printer.

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