Godex Barcode Printers

GoDEX barcode printers – Your direct thermal gems

Is there a more professional way to show respect for your customers than labels? GoDEX doesn’t think so. With labels, your customers get clear, structured, and well-presented information. They also simplify your workflows by making inventory and other business processes easy to track using machines and spreadsheets. But that is a general definition, further redefined by GoDEX barcode printers to handle all the tasks in a faultless way.

With around 30 years of focused experience in the industry, GoDEX has created a fantastic line of barcode printers for on-the-go applications. From manufacturing and shipping/receiving to product identification and tracking, GoDEX barcode printers ensure you have the control and flexibility to optimize your business workflows. Thanks to portable designs, the brand’s DT units are welcome additions to cramped facilities without compromising their direct thermal printing and compatibility.

Impeccable for your small business

Ideal for small-scale businesses looking for advanced connectivity features, GoDEX barcode printers make it easy to change, access, and print markings promptly. In addition to the intuitive design, these units provide you with a comprehensive variety of benefits to make labeling a breeze:

  • Compactness. GoDEX creations are slim and lightweight. If you have ever had difficulty fitting barcode printers into your workspace, this will never be the case with the DT4 or DT2.
  • High-speed printing. GoDEX barcode printers can print extremely quickly – up to 7 inches per second, making them seamless for common applications.
  • Connectivity. Depending on the particular model, the devices can be connected to your computer or another source via WiFi/BT/Ethernet. 
  • Software compatibility. Do you use Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, or Windows Mobile? A GoDEX printer is compatible with your current software package as long as you don’t have driver issues.
  • Unique software. All GoDEX barcode printers can work with GoLabel and QLabel to facilitate designing custom barcodes. They are also compatible with EZPL, GEPL, and GZPL.
  • Media versatility. These printers can automatically identify media lengths and support various types, including continuous labels.
  • Easy setup. You can easily find a setup wizard for your GoDEX printer to make installation effortless, even if you are new to barcode printing. Once set up, GoDEX units require minimal maintenance.

Whatever printer you opt for at Label Expert, you get a device that can be synced with any modern source. The brand’s DT4 and DT2 are also compliant with Energy Star and ISO 9001 standards.

GoDEX barcode printer prices for every budget

Your budget is usually tight if you run a startup or a small business. The GoDEX printer prices – exclusive to Label Expert – can help you curtail your spending and set up an affordable solution for your barcode printing volumes.

We ship within 1 business day after checkout and use FedEx and UPS to ensure your GoDEX ends up at your facility safely. Our company policy does not accept returns and refund claims for used devices and supplies.

If you are looking for a simple printing solution, GoDEX barcode printers can surprise you with their intelligibility and connectivity. Invest in a high-performance printer with Label Expert!