C6000/C7500 Labels

Epson CW-C6000 and Epson TM-C7500 / TM-C7500G Labels

Epson C6000 and C7500 Labels

Epson's 4-inch TM-C7500 and CW-C6000 label printers are fast, full-color label printers for producing labels, tags, product identification, barcodes, shipping labels, signs, and more in a wide range of materials.

Of course, you'll need high-quality label materials to get the most out of your label printer. The C7500 and C6000 labels listed below are designed to work with the ColorWorks C7500 and C6000 label printers. From glossy-coated paper label materials to water-, oil-, and chemical-resistant polypropylene matte labels, these labels are engineered for use in either of these 4-inch Epson ColorWorks Gloss label printers.

Matte vs Glossy Labels

Though the Epson TM-C7500 and CW-C6000 use the same size labels, you'll need to choose either matte or gloss labels depending on whether you have the matte or gloss version of the printer. The matte printers use C6000 / C7500 matte labels, while the gloss printers use glossy C6000 / C7500 labels.

Label Expert carries both types of labels for the versatile and reliable Epson ColorWorks C7500 and C6000 label printers.

Matte C7500 and C6000 Labels

The matte versions of Epson TM-C7500 and C6000 label printers help you quickly produce durable labels with sharp text and crisp images, including waterproof, smudge-proof, and tear-resistant labels, as well as GHS BS5609 chemical labels.

  • Matte paper C6000 / C7500 labels: These matte paper labels are perfect for indoor product labeling, shipping, warehousing, and logistical applications.
  • Matte synthetic C6000 / C7500 labels: These polypropylene labels are ideal for long-lasting indoor and outdoor labeling applications.
  • GHS BS5609 chemical labels: These durable, waterproof labels are made from biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) materials and meet the strict requirements for GHS BS5609 chemical labeling. They are certified for use with Epson's ColorWorks C7500 and C6000 label printers.

Gloss C6000 / C7500 Labels

From elegant product labels to promotional labels with a high-gloss finish, Epson ColorWorks C7500 and C6000 Gloss label printers help you create vivid, professional-looking labels that will stand out from the competition.

  • High gloss paper C6000 / C7500 labels: For applications that demand a professional-looking label with a glossy finish, these labels will help you create eye-catching labels for product identification and promotional use.
  • Glossy synthetic C6000 / C7500 labels: These durable glossy polyester or polypropylene labels are perfect for long-lasting indoor and outdoor labeling applications.
  • Clear C6000 / C7500 labels: Transparent labels can be used to create attractive, professional-looking labels that don't detract from the product's packaging.

C7500 / C6000 labels are available in numerous sizes, materials, finishes, and shapes to meet your specific needs. Our C6000 / C7500 labels are designed to produce crisp and vibrant colors that last. These labels are also resistant to moisture, scratching, and fading, making them a great choice for packaging products like food and beverages.

Label Expert is your go-to source for high-quality C6000 / C7500 labels, designed to work with Epson's ColorWorks C7500 and C6000 label printers. Order online and get labels shipped to you quickly and hassle-free.