Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal Labels - No Ribbon Required

Direct Thermal Labels

Direct thermal labels are perfect for barcode printing, shipping, claim tickets, and other applications where a long-lasting label is not required. Direct thermal labels use heat to activate chemicals in the face stock, creating an image on the label's surface, as opposed to traditional thermal transfer labels that use a ribbon to "transfer" the image from the ribbon to the label.

Because direct thermal labels do not require a ribbon, they are much more convenient. Simply load the label stock into the printer, and print directly on the label -- no ribbon, ink, or toner necessary!

It's important to use direct thermal labels for your direct thermal label printer. After all, direct thermal labels activate the chemicals in the face stock when contact is made with the heated printhead.

Best Use Cases for Direct Thermal Labels

Direct thermal labels are great for applications that require short-term labeling or any other application that doesn't need a long-lasting label. Here are some of the most common uses for direct thermal labels:

  • Shipping/Courier Services -- 4"x6" shipping labels are the most common size for direct thermal labels. Use for FedEx, UPS, USPS, and other shipping labels.
  • Barcode Labeling -- For any application that requires a temporary barcode label, direct thermal labels are perfect.
  • Retail Pricing -- Direct thermal labels are used in retail settings for point-of-sale and price-marking applications.
  • Claim Tickets -- As a short-term labeling solution, direct thermal labels are perfect for claim tickets. Whether for valet parking, dry cleaning, baggage claim, or any other application, direct thermal labels are ideal.
  • Ticketing Systems -- For any event or ticketing application, direct thermal labels are perfect since they tend to be used only on the day of the event. Direct thermal labels are also great for baggage tags.
  • Food Service Labeling -- Direct thermal labels are a great choice for labeling fresh foods and takeout orders since they only last for the short-term. Grocery store delis, bakeries, restaurants, and other food service businesses use direct thermal labels.

Materials Used for Direct Thermal Label Printing

Direct thermal labels are made from two materials: paper and polypropylene. Paper direct thermal labels are great for general-purpose indoor applications. In contrast, polypropylene direct labels are better for outdoor use or applications with heavier handling due to their increased moisture and abrasion resistance. We have paper and polypropylene direct thermals in various sizes, shapes, and configurations.

Why Choose Label Expert for Your Direct Thermal Labels?

Label Expert is your one-stop shop for all of your label printing needs. We carry a range of direct thermal labels with sizes ranging from 1” x 3” to 6” x 8”. Plus, we can make custom direct thermal labels to meet your exact specifications.

Our experienced team can help you decide which direct thermal label is best for your project and even recommend the right printer for use with direct thermal labels. Our customer service experts are always available to answer questions or provide support if you have difficulty printing with direct thermals.

Please browse our selection of direct thermal labels today and find the perfect solution for your printing needs!