Linerless Labels

Linerless labels for linerless printing

Is there a feeling that you always need more labels and can’t get enough of them at your production or assembly facility? You are not alone, whether you own a small store or a large manufacturing business. Of all media types that cut it for your inventory, delivery, or packaging workflows, thermal linerless labels are an outright winner for your requirements. With them, you can print standard and unusual labels without putting your sustainability philosophy on the line and paying for unnecessary on-site waste collection.

Linerless labels are also the linchpin of workflow optimization. What do you do when you need labels of different sizes? You either get multiple media options or use several label printers. 

Going linerless means you don’t have to lose sleep over inefficient processes. These labels are uncut, so you can play with different media sizes and designs, considering the width. You may only need some cutting equipment for continuous workflows.

Besides, direct thermal printing doesn’t require ink, making your printing even more economical. If this sounds great enough to start printing linerless, Label Expert provides linerless labels of different widths and standard 375ft lengths. These media have a permanent adhesive layer and are the continuous type to allow for label design and printing adjustments.

Welcome sustainability with linerless labels

What was considered a gold-standard labeling process in the past has nothing to do with sustainability. It requires you to rely on a non-recyclable liner that goes directly to landfills, which is bad news for the environment.

Linerless labels are much more environmentally and budget-friendly than the media and printing operations industry players got used to. Liner-free labels have intrinsic sustainability benefits that you can bring to the table today:

  • No liner, no waste. These labels are designed and rolled without a siliconized liner, so you don’t have to manage the waste problem. You will also see your printing expenses shrink as long as you use liner-free media.
  • Safer work environment. If you print a lot, the liner material may pile up in the workspace, which can be dangerous for your people. Avoiding threats is as easy as replacing your existing media with liner-free options.
  • Additional labels. Depending on the roll, you can print up to 40% more tags with liner-free media. Just tot up the costs you can reduce with thermal linerless labels in terms of storage and roll replacement.
  • Faster and more efficient printing. Tired of doing the roll replacement job and tracking changes during the day? Reduce the time to swap out and feed rolls every time you need to reset the labeling process for another batch. Continuous rolls without a liner are your best friend for efficiency.

Order direct thermal linerless labels

Label Expert is Canada’s favorite shop for businesses on the market for different media types and printers. We partner with the best linerless label manufacturers to offer 375ft rolls at a fair price. If you have a special request for liner-free media or want to discuss wholesale discounts, contact us